A power session is named that for a reason: it is powerful.


In 1 hour, we’ll dig into a specific concern, question, or challenge. We’ll cover whatever you’d like.


A power session is ideal if you are feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a specific area and are looking for laser-focused guidance.


In power sessions, I’ve helped individuals address topics like these:


–  I had an argument with my spouse/child. How do I respond in a constructive way so I don’t overreact, which only escalates the conflict?

–  I need to work on my relationship. Can you help me with language to start the conversation?

–  What are some steps I can take to become more present and to not worry so much throughout the day?

–  I am getting separated. What do I do? Who do I call? What is the difference between a lawyer and mediation? Should I sell my house? I have so many questions, I don’t know where to begin!

–  I feel overwhelmed by my divorce. How do I clear the noise in my mind, and feeling paralyzed by my emotions, to start making smart choices? 

–  I am going on my first date… Help!

–  How do I create a space in my home where I feel a sense of calm?

Are you ready? I am!


My goal is for you to feel present and heard in a safe, non-judgmental environment – to provide you tools and actionable steps to help you shift your perspective to gain clarity and peace of mind.


You can complete as many power sessions as you’d like. There is no pressure and no commitment. You’re free to discuss any topic, and you can choose when and if to schedule another power session as needed. I’m always happy to hear from you!


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