As a Consultant and Coach, I have heard many stories—but it wasn’t until I faced a difficult transition, a divorce, that I gained a true understanding of what it means to let go, to forgive and have a soulful approach using mindfulness tools when faced with certain challenges.

Easier said than done…I get it. Believe me, I do!

When I went through the heartache of telling my children that their parents were separating, everything changed for me forever. I was already familiar with the many resources out there on how and what to tell your children about a divorce, but no practical knowledge could prepare me for my children’s utter shock.

I did not know what lay ahead; I was flying blind into the next phase of my life. But when I looked at my then 10-year-old son’s frightened, inconsolable face, he did the one thing I asked of him in that moment: I asked him to look into my eyes. His gaze was so deep, it was as if we were looking into each other’s soul.  From that moment on, I made a choice to live life in a soulful way.

I promised my son we were all going to be OK. We would always be a family; it was just going to look a little different now. Yet I had no way of knowing if that was true. I didn’t even know what the next day would bring. But I knew one thing for certain: I was never going to break that promise.

Fear and high emotions

My former husband and I met several obstacles on our road to divorce. What should have been a 6-month process took more than 2 years. As expected, emotions ran high and fear abounded, both of which could have been controlled had we been working with the right professionals.

Unfortunately, we were not—and our initially amicable break spiraled out of control, complete with poor decisions. It got to the point where I barely recognized the man I had been married to for 15 years. (And he would likely say the same about me.) But whenever my initial reaction was rooted in anger or hurt, I returned to my focal point: my children. I kept reminding myself of the promise I had made to my son.

A new and better way

It was through that promise that I was able to create a new and better way to live my life… a more soulful way. I began to discover my highest self through the challenges I would soon face. I made a choice to wake up every day without anger or resentment, and I certainly did not want to make a home filled with that energy.

Soulful approach that embodies mindful tools

It was then I realized I was in charge of my own happiness, which empowered me to reframe my emotions and keep my reactions in check. I learned how to take a step back, even in tense situations, and take a breath. Deep breaths, I discovered, could be revelatory. Soon, I began to reap the rewards of making decisions with my heart, mind, and intuition—a holistic inner knowing from my soul. This has since become the way I live my entire life and incorporate in my Consulting and Coaching services. Above all, I aim to live in a soulful way, and I want to help you do the same.


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