Father’s Day Goals

Father’s Day Goals 

This year more than ever, dads should find the time for their well-being.  That doesn’t necessarily mean yoga retreats and deep meditations (although I do highly recommend)!

Father’s Day is a time to slow down, listen to your favorite tunes, take a smooth sip of a little somthin’ somethin’ and blissfully play golf in your living room. 

Enjoy your day, Dad’s. You rock!

  1. The Mindful Necklace is a great reminder to slow the F*ck down. It also is extremely stylish and looks cool!
  2. Music should never stop. Their favorite tunes should go where they go with this awesome portable speaker. Hopefully they will play good music for the rest of us!
  3. Dads deserve to sit back and chill with a smooth sip of their favorite somethin’ somethin’.  My drink choice is old school with Jack Daniels. What’s yours?
  4. This Putting Mat is what my kids dad asked me to buy him for Father’s Day!  I read many reviews and it seems like the perfect gift for the golfer dad and I suppose the ex-husband’s!   



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