Conscious Uncoupling

‘Conscious uncoupling’ refers to a transformative process and more modern approach to dealing with difficult transitions. This method suggests there is a better way—a more soulful way—to navigate a difficult time.


As a therapist who dealt with her own challenges during a divorce, DeDe discovered that life experiences and trials force you to choose a path: one path could be full of anger and resentment, whereas another could help you build awareness, wisdom, and strength.


DeDe was introduced to a best-selling author and fellow therapist, Katherine Woodward Thomas, and was inspired by the simple 5-step process Katherine created that has helped thousands of couples (including Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin).


DeDe was personally mentored by Katherine to become a certified Conscious Uncoupling Coach and successfully began to guide her clients using this groundbreaking technique.


5 Steps to Change Your Life


Through 5 life-changing steps, you will

  • Learn a conscious and honorable way to uncouple from your former partner
  • Experience a reprieve from break-up trauma and overwhelming heartache
  • Rediscover your own worthiness to love and be loved
  • Be set free from festering resentment
  • Be empowered to evolve beyond any habitual disappointing patterns in love
  • Awaken to your power to create happier and healthier patterns in life and love moving forward


Will This Work for You?


This method is for any individual who is seeking a more positive, cooperative, and respectful way when:

  • Considering a separation or divorce
  • In the midst of the divorce process
  • Suffering or dealing with unresolved feelings from a past relationship
  • Navigating other difficult life transitions

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