Its only after you self-discover the Power of you.

That it becomes easier to make decisions from a more holistic approach with your whole mind, body and soul.

Although couples’ therapy can be beneficial, sometimes there is a halt in the progress as nothing is shifting in your relationship. You need to gain a new perspective and start to pause and look within.

It’s an Inside Job!

It was after my own personal challenge, a divorce, where I saw the need for a more goal-oriented solution to help individuals get unstuck in the merry-go- round that may exist in our chaotic minds. We often look at our relationships with others to blame when we really need to do the inner work first.

In the Coaching Series

We will work together to provide a roadmap when going through a difficult transition. Whether it is navigating a break-up or an individual challenge.

We will focus on breaking through old patterns to reach a higher perspective. To let go, to forgive, and to move forward.


6 Session Package | $1500

*one session per week is strongly recommended for the 6 weeks

DeDe was personally trained and mentored by best-selling author and fellow therapist, Katherine Woodward.  DeDe is one of only twenty Certified Coach’s featured in the Conscious Uncoupling Directory.