The Power of Your Thoughts

When I was asked to write on the topic of The Power of Your Thoughts for The Better Apart Blog, I thought, Fabulous! That’s my jam! It was to my surprise when I sat down to write, I was completely stuck. I was so confused what the problem was; This is who I am! This […]

Mood Elevating Home Accents

Many elements and objects inside a home can impact one’s mood. The paint color of a room is a great example. I often recommend Off-White Benjamin Moore Color Wheel to determine the right shade to apply that will evoke a sense of relaxation and comfort. It is proven that natural light enhances our mood and […]

Home Design and Well-Being

I would like to share with you what inspired me to create awareness with the connection between home design and well-being.   For the past 10 years, my interest in the connection between home design and wellness has evolved from a hobby to a central part of my coaching practice. It wasn’t until my own […]