Specializing in Mediation and Collaborative Divorce

Success of the family is the ultimate aspiration in the divorce process. Divorce is a rollercoaster of emotions, and my goal is for clients to feel safe and knowledgable in an environment of mutual respect that promotes joint resolution. I provide a confidential process whereby families can go through their divorce and resolve their legal issues within unique and flexible forums of Mediation or Collaborative Divorce. Solutions should bring peace and stability to a tumultuous situation, not elevate the dispute to a war. Utilizing methods of alternative dispute resolution empowers people with the ability to be in control of the outcome of their lives, allowing the family unit to continue to function and thrive while their relationship goes through this transition.

DeDe Hallerman offers Divorce Coaching nationwide in the US. Based out of Connecticut, DeDe is a Certified Divorce Coach and has an extensive background as a licensed therapists.