it all works out

It all works out may be a simple phrase, but in my world, it is full of meaning-it has become my motto in everyday life and in the most challenging of times.

I believe we all have a choice. Although it is essential to allow ourselves to feel our emotions rather than suppress them, we will eventually come to forks in the road where we are faced with a choice; we can either choose to be held captive by our emotions, trapped in anger and fear; or we can realize that these pivotal moments can be the most transformative of our lives if we let them.

After experiencing a personally difficult transition, the challenges I faced revealed a new professional lens. There needed to be a more modern approach to how you see through the clouds, gain clarity, and reach a higher perspective.

I do not pretend to have all the answers. I know what I know and always happy to share; I know what I don’t know, and I am fortunate to have assembled an amazing network of like-minded professionals and experts. Together we are all ready and willing to guide you on your new path with ease.

Meet DeDe

My motto is that it all works out. I believe that I was a drummer in my past life. Your challenge is your opportunity.  I try and live mindfully every day, not dwell on things from my past. (Except the time I chose to study for a final instead of going to a Grateful Dead show)! My hope is to spread knowledge, smiles and positive vibes ✌️

DeDe is a graduate of New York University with her MSW and is a Certified Coach. She has been trained and certified by Katherine Woodward Thomas, best- selling author of Calling in The One and Conscious Uncoupling. Thomas’s work is on the cutting edge of research in emotional health, love and relationships. 

DeDe has created Power Sessions for immediate guidance and support. Her blogs have been featured in various publications and found her passion curating  feel-good products to bring wellness into your home.